The student leaders making it all happen.

optiMize is a partnership between a student organization and full-time university staff. Our Core Organizing Team is the team of students who organize the optiMize Challenge, collaborate with optiMize staff to design new programs, recruit new people to our community each year, promote stories from the optiMize Community, and more.

Core Team Leaders participate in a leadership development program and receive direct mentorship from optiMize staff. All organizational decisions are made by consensus between students and staff.

If you care about social innovation, community organizing, and servant leadership, this is the place for you.

Being on the Core Organizing Team means:

  1. Joining an inspiring community of people who care about changing the world!

  2. Organizing the optiMize Challenge

  3. Cultivating the optiMize community

  4. Developing your skills and perspectives

  5. Providing Servant Leadership

  6. Attending weekly Core Team meetings and helping lead projects

Team members can choose to focus on a specific project, or test out different ones. Some roles include:

  1. Event Planning & Promotion

  2. Marketing & Storytelling

  3. Design & Illustration

  4. Recruitment & Community Building

  5. Leadership & Management

Interested in joining our Core Organizing Team? Submit your application today!