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optiMize creates transformative learning experiences. Our curriculum is for changemakers, social innovators, and anyone who wants to transform their life to make a bigger impact.

Through Workshops, Seminars, and Custom Programs, we share what we've learned from the world's greatest innovators in a guided, action-based way. Every session is set up in a way that requires no previous experience—even total beginners will benefit immediately.

optiMize Challenge Cohort 6 Resources

As we progress through the Challenge, we'll update this list of resources so you can stay up on what's happening.

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optiMize Learning Guides

Check out these introductory guides to three of our favorite classes! You can read the basics for free right here. To get the most out of these guides, get in touch with an optiMize leader and we'll talk through it with you.


optiMize Guide to Servant Leadership

In optiMize, Leadership = Service. We believe service is an honorable practice. As leaders, we are here to serve our team, our community, and each other. Our commitment to great service helps us improve ourselves, empower others to thrive, and produce great results for optiMize. This is our introductory guide that we use to train everyone in our organization.

What's included? This guide introduces you to our best leadership materials, including: 

  • 7 Steps To Servant Leadership
  • 3 Steps To Great Service
  • 5 Steps To Handling a Complaint

How do I learn it? Learn our principles here and then check out our optiMize Servant Leadership Seminar to start putting it into practice alongside other leaders who share values!

7 Steps to Collaborative Change

optiMize embraces change. We believe people only hate change when it’s imposed on them against their will. Our unique Collaborative Change process empowers anyone to propose an organizational change and ensures everyone gets on board. This guide walks you through the process at a high level.

What's included? This one-page guide gets you:

  • An Overview of the 7 Steps To Collaborative Change

How do I learn it? Get a quick introduction here and then sign up for our optiMize Collaborative Change Seminar to learn how you can put it into practice in your life, teach it to others in your organization, and use it to achieve more than you dreamed was possible! 

optiMize Guide to Persuasion

In optiMize, we have a rule that says No Coercion. We can’t ever force someone to do something—we have to persuade them it’s the right thing to do. Learning the art of persuasion might be the most effective way to prepare ourselves to collaborate with a diverse range of people, innovate toward new frontiers, and productively resolve our differences.

What's included? This guide includes:

  • A Fable Of Failed Persuasion
  • Six Scientific Principles Of Influence
  • Six Keys To Messages That Stick
  • 8 Steps To Making A Request By Email.

How do I learn it? This guide gives you the basics. If you're into it, we recommend signing up for our optiMize Persuasion Workshop for an action-based, guided session where we'll help you put the principles into practice to help you achieve your most important goals.

Workshops, Seminars, and Custom Programs

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