Our Mission

We cultivate the optiMize Community

Bringing people together for transformative education

Creating projects that illuminates possibilities

In passionate pursuit of a positive future

Practicing love and care in all we do

To help everyone we meet ask themselves, “Why not me?”


Our Guiding Principles

Our Principles guide how we relate to each other, how we work together, and what we strive for. They are at the core of everything we do, from how we make organizational decisions to treat each other on a daily basis. We believe that practicing them helps us thrive as an organization and grow as individuals. We hope that you'll join us and help us build on, refine, and strengthen our Guiding Principles!


  1. Always asking, “Why not me?”

  2. Continually illuminating possibilities

  3. Sustainable social impact

  4. Transformative education

  5. Supportive community

  6. Students lead

  7. Intergenerational collaboration

  8. A great place to work and volunteer

  9. Financial responsibility

  10. A valued part of our local community


Thanks to Zingerman’s for providing a great example of Mission and Guiding Principles!