We're a community of students working to change the world. Anyone can join. Why not you?

I have an idea and want to apply to the Social Innovation Challenge. How do I apply?

Click right here!

I'm already working on a project and/or have a team. Can we join the Challenge?

That works! Some of our past winners were working for a few months before they met us.

I'm passionate about a topic, but don't have an idea or a team. What do I do?

Don't fret! If you've got passion for social change in any way, that's all you need to start. We host events just for you.

What kinds of teams have you funded in the past?

Everything from urban farming to medical shipments to inclusive education to virtual reality. See them all here!

I've heard the optiMize 'Core Team' works to plan the programs and organize the community. Can I join?

Yes! The optiMize Core Team organizes the Challenge, plans all our events, and helps to lead the community. Anyone can apply, and we'd love to meet you! Click here to apply.

I'm only a freshman. Should I wait a while before I join?

Join now! Freshmen join all the time. In fact, our last two Core Team Presidents have been sophomores who joined as freshmen, and plenty of freshmen get funded in the Challenge! Some even get named Student of the Year by the Michigan Daily ;)

I'm not a Michigan student but I want optiMize at my school. What can I do?

We think everyone should have the opportunity to optiMize! Send us a message and we can help you figure out how to move forward.

Ready to get started? Send us a message and we'll help you get involved!