Mentor the next generation of social innovators.

Mentorship is a vital part of our organization’s work, and by joining us, you join a vibrant community of students, full-time staff, and other Mentors who want to help students innovate toward a better world.

Benefits for Mentors

  • Engage in the meaningful experience of supporting students who are working to change the world!

  • Catch the creativity, energy, and ideas of incredible students who believe a better future is possible!

  • Reflect on your own skills and experiences and improve your own work and life as a result!

  • Develop your skills as a mentor and teacher!

  • Make a big social impact with your time!

  • Connect to a network of other Mentors from a wide range of backgrounds, experiences, and industries!

An optiMize Mentor’s Commitments to Mentees

From the optiMize Guide to Great Mentorship

  1. I will find the good first.

  2. I will try to be helpful, not just to be "right."

  3. I will “sit next to you” and put problems in front of us rather than between us.

  4. I will ask you to clarify any important idea that isn’t clear to me.

  5. I will never crush your dreams or make you feel stupid.

  6. I will challenge you only after I have made it clear that I have listened to you and I care about you.

  7. I will ask thoughtful questions to challenge you and help you see new possibilities.

  8. I will acknowledge that I still might not fully understand the issue.

  9. I will help you understand your strengths and how to use them to address your challenges.

  10. I will always let the student make their own decision.

  11. I will tell stories from my own experience to illustrate potential lessons, but I will not give specific directions to you — not all of my lessons apply to your experience and this is your business, not mine.

  12. I will work with you to create clear expectations of what must be completed (if anything) before we meet again.

*This list draws from Brené Brown’s Engaged Feedback Checklist as well as input from optiMize mentors.