Your organization can make an impact!

"Pretty amazing to see 300 people in the room on a Saturday morning to work on positive projects! You combine passion with real substance, and that's why this is so successful. Really glad we can contribute by helping with workshops!!!"

-Ari Weinzweig, Zingerman's


"I think we appreciate these Skype mentorship sessions just as much (if not more!) than the students." 

-Jen Kroog-Rosenberg, The Honest Company


"This session reminded me why I love my job!" 

-April Grohmann, The Honest Company

"You all are SHATTERING the stereotypes about your generation. Thanks for having us!"

 -Greg Harden, Michigan Athletics (pictured above)


"I've had a front row seat to a revolution in higher education! optiMizers have the vision, the energy, and the talent to make big things happen. We're excited that so much of the action is happening in our office space!" 

-Rich Sheridan, Menlo Innovations


"Three years ago, we made a $5000 annual prize commitment. They've now raised a million dollars to expand their impact. Any grantmaker loves to see that!" 

-Pam Smith, United Way of Washtenaw County


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